Kamis, 10 Maret 2011

3 Months From Today.

This is about me and my bf, the random facts about us.

1. Since the first time we communicated, we never stop contacting each other, even one day, until now. :)

2. I know his sister, brother, and father, long before i know him.

3. We commited a serious relationship since the first time we talked, eventhough we have different nationality.

4. We never celebrate our anniversarry, because of two reason: first we dont know the exact day and date we officially become a couple, second our relationship is still in a matter of months, its not reach a year yet.

5. We born at same date, but in a different month and year :p

6. I'm in love with him, since the first time he made me laugh. :)

7. Insya Allah, we'll marry on 9th Rajab 1432H (11th june 2011) and we choose the date because i was born in 06-01 and he was born in 06-11. ;p

8. He never asked me "will you marry me?" He asked my parents directly. :)

pray for us, thanks everyone :)